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I'm glad you're visiting the blog. I hope you become a regular! I started this blog to help my own development in thinking. Writing brings clarity to my expression of thought. 

Christianity, Theology and Living
The lives we live are unique. From the conception of time to its  eventual end, there has been a complex drama. The story of human existence is one of deep tragedy and incredible redemption. Mankind was intimately crafted by God to experience a fulfilling relationship with Him. But man rebelled, choosing fleeting pleasures over the satisfying torrent of God's presence. Sin entered the world. With it came suffering and death. But God was not done with man. He loved us enough to die for us all and seeks a relationship with us. He became a man and lived the life man could not. He took upon Himself man's sin and was crucified on a cross. He rose again. He is building His Kingdom. Man can now be reconciled to God. He can experience forgiveness and satisfaction. He does so by repenting of his sin and trusting in Christ for the forgiveness of that sin.This is called the Gospel. It's what Christianity is all about.

Our lives are unique because we live in this story. We get to play a part in it. This blog deals with this kind of living. I will talk much about Christianity, because as C.S. Lewis said, by Christianity "I see everything else." Necessary to Christian contemplation is theology. Why? Isn't theology something to be left for stuffy academics? Not at all! Everyone is a theologian because everyone thinks about God. On this blog we will be doing much thinking about God. Hopefully, this blog will be a tool to help you as you live this extraordinary life.

Thinking and Talking
I have found that some of the best learning I've experienced has not been in the classroom but around the table. Much learning can be accomplished through the sharing of ideas. Comments are so very much appreciated. So grab some coffee and put on your reading slippers. Let's learn together!

Unless noted otherwise, all Scripture quotations are from the English Standard Version (ESV), Crossway, 2001. 

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