The internet is full of helpful resources. This is true for Christians as well. Below are some websites I have found especially helpful.

ESV Bible Online

The English Standard  Version (ESV) is my favorite translation of the Bible. It is a trustworthy modern translation that retains the literary beauty of its greatest predecessor, the King James Version. This website is a great tool. This blog will use the English Standard Version as its  regular Bible translation.

John Piper

He has labeled preaching as expository exultation, and he exemplifies it. John Piper is a powerful preacher, not because he is an eloquent spokesman (he is), but because he accurately and passionately expounds God's Word.  His website contains his sermons, conference messages, articles, blog posts, and even many of his books. All for free. Take advantage of this gift to the church.

John MacArthur

I know of no finer expositor of God's Word than John MacArthur. He is a gifted teacher and prolific author. He has written a study Bible, many books, articles, and is completing a commentary set on the New Testament. His ability to clearly articulate the meaning of the text is unparalleled. You can find all of his sermons and some articles here.

Tim Chester

Tim Chester is a captivating writer. He is co-author of one of the greatest books about the church that I have ever read, Total Church. He writes concerning reformed spirituality and missional church here.

Holy Minestrone

Hungry? Good. A very fine chef has been stirring an excellent soup. The Gospel and Missional Christianity are a couple of the ingredients being mixed together in this tasty meal.

Bob Kauflin

With relevant sound and uncompromising theology, the musicians at Sovereign Grace are producing some excellent modern hymns.  Bob Kauflin is the directer of Sovereign Grace Music. He writes about music, worship and more on his blog.

Wayne Grudem 

Wayne Grudem is one of my favorite theologians. He wrote the new standard work Systematic Theology. His website contains many helpful resources including some articles and lectures. 

Read the Fathers 
Mark Twain said that a classic is a book that people "praise and don't read." Don't be one of those people. The Church is rich and stands on the shoulder's of the Fathers. Read them here.

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