Ancient Volcanic Remains

The Picture above and the red graphic that serves as a background to the blog is Shiprock. Shiprock is a jagged, dark mountain-the remains of volcano long dead. Its sharp peak pierces the sky. The sprawling desert around it is quiet. It stands in the Northwest region of the state, acting as a gatekeeper to neighbor state Arizona. It is iconic New Mexico. It derives its name from its resemblance to a clipper ship.

More than Ruin

It is the remains of a volcano, but is more than ruin. Shiprock is treasured by the Navajo people. It is held high, it's sacred. I don't see it as sacred. I don't even think it looks like a ship. I see it as it is, an impressive peak. But that doesn't mean its not special to me. It is. I began there. I was born in the small town a few miles east of it that shares its name. From home, Farmington, I see the peak. With every setting sun, the peak reaches up at a brilliant, painted sky. Shiprock is representative of home for me. Growing up, I never appreciated New Mexico. Driving home from Albuquerque, I would laugh at tourists who stood amazed on the side of the road with their cameras. What were they taking pictures of? Are sagebrush and dry pinon trees really all that impressive? Maybe they had never seen a sheep before. It took leaving home and spending much time in the green, wet South Carolina to appreciate New Mexico. In South Carolina, tall trees are everywhere. There are no subtle landscapes stretched out. There is no sage. No dirt. The brownest thing you see is the occasional UPS delivery truck.  So I've learned through longing, the beauty of New Mexico. The dry desert is my home. I don't ever want to leave it. 

Desert Kingdom

When my studies are done, I will return permanently to New Mexico. Specifically, I will return to my home town. The reservation spreads around my city and stretches into Arizona. Navajos journey into town for work and play. People from the small, Western mountain towns of Colorado are also frequently passing through the city. Farmington is a hub. The place is in desperate need of the Gospel. I want to spend my life there, co-laboring with God to build His Kingdom through the making of life long disciples of Jesus Christ.

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