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After Three Decades

Twilight and Dawn I closed out my twenties over Taco Bell with a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and a Mexican Pizza. When that was finished, I went with my life long friend, Kellen, to Sonic where we reminisced about high school, college, and seminary. We laughed about getting detention for ditching school to watch The Two Towers. We talked about our love for enig matic Bob Jones University—its oddities and its stellar faculty. Then I went home and spent my final minutes being twenty nine watching Bob’s Burgers with Cherayah. Great night.  This morning I drove to PVHS (Si SeƱor breakfast burrito in hand) listening to my new favorite song, “ Don’t Take the Money ” by the Bleachers and an old favorite,  Green Day’s “ When I Come Around. ” Taylor Swift, celebrating the beginning of my third decade, released her new album, “Lover.” That was very thoughtful of her. Thank you, Taylor!  During second hour, my office filled  wall to wall  with students who wished me a happy birthday. I was met w

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