I've done it. I've actually started blogging. This is a whole new realm for me to discover. I've mulled over starting a blog for some time. I believe I am finally ready. I enjoy reading and find writing to be very helpful in expressing my thoughts. Writing, for me, has a finality to it. When interacting with a topic, or a thought, writing  cements my expression. That's why I've taken up blogging. It can be a discipline for me to engage with whatever topic I am contemplating. I hope some will read and find some benefit to these musings.

Thinking and Talking

This little blog will contain some of my thinking on various subjects, three specifically: Christianity, theology and living.  I have found that some of the best learning I've experienced has not been in the classroom but around the table. My love for theology began talking through Tozer's Knowledge of the Holy with friends and Sonic. Discussion and the conflict of ideas have grown me both mentally and spiritually.  I hope that can be done here. I appreciate your reading and thinking with me. Comments are helpful. We can learn much from each other. Let's begin this journey together.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I look forward to interacting with you here.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting, Chuck! I look forward to that as well!


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