A Mother's Day Meditation

Worthy of Praise
"Her children rise up and call her blessed" ~ Proverbs 31:28
She is the kindest, funniest, and most sincere woman on the planet.  Though the eighties are long gone, she is still crazy about Bon Jovi. She is the finest cook there is. Recently, she began making this absolutely delicious Green Chile Chicken lasagna. Pure Heaven. Last week, I passed through my front door after midnight, sitting on the counter top was the Green Chile Lasagna. Though she had to work the next day, she stayed up late to make my favorite dish and greet us. This was more than late night lasagna, it was an expression of  deep, maternal love. 

I absolutely love my mom. For two decades, she has served our family in working two jobs: hairstylist and home maker. Doubtless, it is an exhausting endeavour.  In my beginning, she carried me inside of her. She was my provider. In the organic wedding of baby and mother, she nourished and fed me. She was my guardian. She kept me safe. She cleaned me and dressed me. As a boy, she honored my request to look like Harrison Ford. She cut my hair and told everyone to tell me that I looked like the rugged actor. What could be more exciting to a boy than to be told he resembles Han Solo, or more impressively, Indiana Jones? In all of my sports: tee-ball, baseball, football, and "basketball," I never had to doubt her presence. She was always there. She actually showed up to see the GBA Warriors get smacked down by seventy points every game. Incredible. In high school, mom was the ever encourager. The teenage years with its raging, conflicting feelings were stilled comforting affection of a mother. In college, her role as child raiser has morphed into close friend and advisor. But she will always be my mother.   

In all of my life, my mom has always been there. She has worked tirelessly to provide for me. She wraps me in love. In my heart, there occupies a place only my mom is worthy of. In the safety of the womb, in the exhaustion of infancy, in the adventures of boyhood, in the confusion of high school and in the friendship of adulthood, my mother has been delicate strength and warm love to me. There is an unparalleled beauty and dignity to motherhood. 

Divine Formulation
"As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you"~ Isaiah 66:13
In an amazing statement, God compares His comfort for His people to a member of His creation. The eternal, all-powerful, transcendent Creator exalts human motherhood. Few can comfort like moms can. Count God in that small circle. Our view of God is shaped, in part, by our parents. When God tells us He comforts like our mother this is both high praise and comforting promise. I can rest knowing my God will comfort me like mom does. 

While on this earth, our Lord esteemed His mother. Even in His dying hours, He attended to her, ensuring that she be taken care of.  In a display of unspeakable strength, Mary watched as they butchered her son. With her and John standing near by, Jesus spoke. "Woman, behold your son!" he said to her. To John he said, "Behold, your mother!" John, we are told, "from that hour...took her into his own home" (Jn. 19:26-27).  Paul tells us to honor  our mothers (Eph. 6:2), and Jesus honored His mother in keeping with the Old Testament (Ex. 20:12; Deut. 5:10). Jesus, the Creator of all, including mothers (Jn. 1:3), esteemed and honored His own human mother.

Because of the blessings mothers have enriched us with, we can ascribe them as being part of God's common grace. Common Grace, as the theologians call it, is the idea that God pours out His grace to all men. All men, generally, enjoy blessings in this life: the joy of eating, the joy of relationships, the joy of experiencing this world around us. Everyone has a mother. Generally, people enjoy their relationships with their mothers. Life is sweeter because of them. Mothers are part of common grace. Motherhood, then, has divine approval and theological significance. 

In my own spiritual formation, my mom has been a rock for me. Growing up, she bought me music, bibles, books and Adventures in Odyssey. I am not alone in having this maternal shepherding, Paul praised Timothy's own mother:
"I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, dwells in you as well." ~2 Timothy 1:5
 "and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus."  ~ 2 Timothy 3:15
In Church History, mothers have been instrumental in the divine formulation of their children. Augustine, the great church father and theologian, had a mother who earnestly prayed for his salvation when he walked away from the faith. Her prayers were answered when he was converted and  his legacy in Christian Theology is still relevant to us today. John Wesley, the monumental theologian, preacher, and founder of the Methodists, was shaped by his spiritually rich mother, Susanna Wesley. She was important in the shaping of Wesley's character and thought. She gave birth to, raised, and instilled godliness in one of the most influential Christians that has ever walked upon the earth. 

In Sum
Mothers are important. They are worthy of honor.   They should be praised. Our God compares His own comfort to that of a mother. He exalts motherhood. Our Lord Jesus esteemed and honored His mother. Timothy's mother and grandmother instilled upon him godliness and the Scriptures. Both Augustine and Wesley had their mothers to thank for prayer and instruction in godliness. In my own life, my mother has been my a strength, comfort, and provider. Her love is constant. I know my God better because she so richly reflects Him to me. On this Mother's Day I want her to know how highly I esteem, cherish, and honor. I love you, Mom.