Bad Timing

I would like to say just a few words about my horrific timing.

I timed the start of my blogging adventure very poorly. In fact, I could not have started blogging at a worse time in the semester. It was a terrible idea to begin blogging during Bible Conference. After Bible Conference the blurry race began. Blurry, because even now as I try to think about all the things I've done since then, it's just a blur. I read hundreds and hundreds of pages. I've written paper after paper. I studied. I played Minecraft--way, way too much Minecraft. I neglected my dating life, again. And finally, I let Greek have its way with me, again. I guess some things just never change. In the midst of the storm of school year's end, the blog has been neglected, left to gather dust.

Now that the semester is wrapping up, I plan on returning to my new found, poorly timed, blog. Stay tuned.